Nissa is a Gnome who works near the Dwarf's Cave in Pitax. She seems to know all about the goings-on in town and throughout the immediate area. She has a low, seductive voice...unusual for a Gnome, but her real voice shows through when excited.


Mangre met Nissa after a particularly rowdy night of drinking. He stumbled into the wrong house by accident and instead of being kicked out or jailed, he was taken in, washed, fed, and spent the night in the company of several lovely Dwarf and Human ladies. The next morning on his way home, he discovered that all his gold was gone. Retracing his steps led him back to that unmarked house where he was greeted by Nissa, who, to Mangre’s eyes was the most stunningly gorgeous Gnome he had ever seen. She told him that in repayment for their “services…especially the washing bit,” they took his money. He couldn’t argue that being poor was better than being dead in an alley, and reluctantly agreed to the fee, especially since according to Nissa, they had to “throw out one tub and 4 bars of soap just to get the smell out.”

Since that day Mangre has chased after Nissa as only a smitten dwarf can…when he’s not drinking of course.


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