Vanamere's Tower

Vanamere’s Tower lies 25 miles Northeast of Fallcrest, South of the Dead Falls.

A pair of retired adventurers—an elf wizard named Vanamere and a human fighter named Lethion Goldenhawk—married and built this tower as a private residence, sinking a considerable amount of their accumulated wealth into the endeavor.

Goblins tried to overrun the tower on several occasions, but their attacks were rebuffed. Thirty-odd years ago, the goblins joined forces with a clan of ogres and a giant,and descended from the hills in force. They pounded the tower with rocks and broke through its defenses. Vanamere used a ritual to summon a mighty storm.

When they breached the tower, a great bolt of lightning struck its peak, causing the tower to explode. Jagged shards of rock killed most of the invaders. The magical attack so frightened the remaining monsters that they fled back into the hills, never to return. What became of Vanamere, no one knows. According to legend, when the lightning struck, she became one with the tower and remains trapped within its ruined walls to this day.

Vanamere's Tower

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